Sarahe Roman


This art piece is entitled “Perdon,” is by Sarahe Roman. It translates to “I’m Sorry”.

I love the Roy Lichtenstein influence in this comic book style painting. The caption is in Spanish and it reads; “I do not love you anymore, will you forgive me?” Like Lichtenstein’s artwork, the artist leaves it to the viewer to interpret what has transpired, allowing for our imagination to build the back story for why the painting’s subject has fallen out of love.

What I love most about this painting is the intensity, pain, and severity of the subject’s words that are illustrated through her expression, colors, and movement in the composition. The use of red captures the emotions of love, passion, anger, aggression, despair and regret of a love lost. The color yellow balancing feelings of growth, optimism and happiness, perhaps reflecting the subject’s sense of relief to an inevitable end of a relationship. The choice to pair yellow with the red makes for a very interesting and complex composition. In a sense it works to effectively balance the ambivalent emotions of falling out of love. However, the striking contrast of hues also creates a strident effect which allude to the darker interpretations of the symbolism of yellow; decay, jealousy, deceit. Having the caption in Spanish, the “language of passion” really ties the whole concept together. Using her native tongue offers both secrecy, a private declaration, and a conceptual reinforcement.

Those piercing eyes are so powerful and full of passion and emotion. What is her story? Why did she fall out of love? Was there deceit? On who’s side? Roman’s “Perdon” is very captivating, compelling us to wholly consume the image and search for answers to this puzzle.

For more about Sarahe Roman visit her website: Also visit her deviantart page for a gallery of past work and tumblr for more current work. 


Greek yogurt ranch dip


If you are like me and LOVE ranch anything, you are in for a treat! I love to entertain, mostly because I love to cook and try new recipes, or simply give my mother’s traditional Mexican recipes a healthy face-lift. A regular snack I often have out when hosting is a veggie tray with humus and ranch dip, and but not to worry, because you DON’T have to give up the ranch.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” so I discovered a healthy twist on the classic ranch dip.

It’s really quite good! The taste is very similar to ranch dip made with sour cream. It really doesn’t matter what brand of greek yogurt, as long as it is plain, with no flavoring added. If you are in a pinch and need to whip this up Pronto, just pour a packet of store-bought ranch seasoning mix and substitute the indicated amount of oz. of sour cream for the greek yogurt.

I like to make my own seasoning mix because a lot of the pre-made stuff is really high in sodium. Besides it is really very easy and quick! Here is my recipe for home-made ranch seasoning mix:

2 Tbsp dried parsley
1 tsp dried dill
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion flakes
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp pepper


Mix all ingredients in a bowl & add 16 oz. of greek yogurt.

Enjoy, y buen provecho amores!

Love, Z

A hike to our “Secret Garden” in Los Angeles

Amir's Garden, Griffith Park

Amir’s Garden, Griffith Park

Hank and I stumbled upon this discovery on one of our hiking adventures, and it has become one of our favorite hikes! Amir’s garden is a hidden LA treasure.  It is a beautiful volunteer kept garden and rest stop for Griffith Park hikers and equestrians.

What make’s this a unique hike is the gorgeous picnic area amidst the lush flowering greenery. Hank and I like to take our occasional tag-along hikers here for a surprise picnic lunch after our hike. There are two main picnic areas at the entrance to the garden, but the most fun is finding a nice table in a hidden nook, as there are plenty of picnic areas concealed through out the garden!

The vistas from the trail are spectacular! Overseeing Glendale towards the Verdugo and San Gabriel Mountains, with the best view being at the top of the mountain. Once you have reached Amir’s garden, you are welcomed with fantastic views of the city, stretching out beyond downtown. Make sure to walk around and explore the garden for breathtaking panoramas of the infamous Los Angeles skyline.

The trail to Amir’s garden is an uphill hike, and only about a 1 mile round trip! Even though you are  ascending up the mountain for most of the hike, its short distance makes this an easy hike. This is a great hike for beginners because it’s a great work-out getting up to the picnic area & garden and if you come prepared like Hank & I, you get a yummy reward at the end!

The other great thing about this hike is that If you are a more experienced hiker looking for a more challenging adventure, this trail actually connects to the Mount Hollywood trail that offers an amazing 360 degree vista of the whole city which includes the San Gabriel mountains, the famous Hollywood sign, the downtown skyline, an overhead view of the Griffith Park Observatory. On a good clear day you can even see all the way out to the Santa Monica coastline. If you are super hard-core you can actually take the Mount Hollywood trail all the way to the Observatory.

The easiest way to pick up the trail is to start at the Griffith Park, Mineral Wells Picnic Area. Find the fire road that heads up the mountain from the grassy picnic area. Finding this “secret garden” is a bit of a stumble-as-you-go experience that in my opinion only adds to the fun and wonder once you reach it. But here’s a helpful tip, if you have reached the water tower at the top of the hill you are half-way there! Continue to follow the trail and enjoy the journey! I guarantee the destination is well worth the effort.

Please visit for more information about the garden’s history, the founder, and the volunteer co-op that maintain the grounds for us all to enjoy.

For directions & map to Griffith Park’s Mineral Wells Picnic Area go to:,ftc,2,fid,2129996,n,mineral%20wells%20picnic%20area.cfm

Bon Voyage, Happy Hiking, and we will see you at the garden.

Love, Z