Sarahe Roman


This art piece is entitled “Perdon,” is by Sarahe Roman. It translates to “I’m Sorry”.

I love the Roy Lichtenstein influence in this comic book style painting. The caption is in Spanish and it reads; “I do not love you anymore, will you forgive me?” Like Lichtenstein’s artwork, the artist leaves it to the viewer to interpret what has transpired, allowing for our imagination to build the back story for why the painting’s subject has fallen out of love.

What I love most about this painting is the intensity, pain, and severity of the subject’s words that are illustrated through her expression, colors, and movement in the composition. The use of red captures the emotions of love, passion, anger, aggression, despair and regret of a love lost. The color yellow balancing feelings of growth, optimism and happiness, perhaps reflecting the subject’s sense of relief to an inevitable end of a relationship. The choice to pair yellow with the red makes for a very interesting and complex composition. In a sense it works to effectively balance the ambivalent emotions of falling out of love. However, the striking contrast of hues also creates a strident effect which allude to the darker interpretations of the symbolism of yellow; decay, jealousy, deceit. Having the caption in Spanish, the “language of passion” really ties the whole concept together. Using her native tongue offers both secrecy, a private declaration, and a conceptual reinforcement.

Those piercing eyes are so powerful and full of passion and emotion. What is her story? Why did she fall out of love? Was there deceit? On who’s side? Roman’s “Perdon” is very captivating, compelling us to wholly consume the image and search for answers to this puzzle.

For more about Sarahe Roman visit her website: Also visit her deviantart page for a gallery of past work and tumblr for more current work. 


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