Food Remedies for PMS


 I know I’m PMS-ing when I start to crave the fatty, salty, sweet foods that I usually try to avoid…

PMS is not only a man’s worst nightmare, it is a diet’s worst enemy and a woman’s biggest challenge. Ladies, what If I told you you could actually have fatty, salty, sweet foods you are craving with out the bloating, cramps and irritability? The trick is substitution!

Your senses are heightened the before and during your period so indulge in fabulous healthy gourmet foods instead of cheap fast food relief. The following is a list of foods listed in bold font and their PMS syndrome cures which are underlined.

1. Substitute saturated and trans fats for omega-3 fatty acids: Instead of a burger or pizza go for sushi and try a salmon hand-roll & edamame both high in omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce breast swelling, soreness, or other pain.


Other personal favorite tasty alternative dinner meals are seared tuna & brussels sprouts, clam linguine, sea food pasta. All these including pasta and sides are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. For a complete list of foods high in omega-3 fatty acids visit WebMD’s “Your Omega-3 Family Shopping List”.

2. Substitute that bag of chips for some pita chips & humus. humus is high in vitamin B-6 and magnesium which help reduce irritability and depression.

healthy-living-chickpeas-320Other personal favorite snacks high in  vitamin B-6 are PB & Banana sandwich, guacamole, pistachios and baked potato. For a complete list of foods high in B-6 visit’s “Top 10 foods highest in Vitamin B-6”.

3. Substitute a cupcake for a custom yogurt parfait.


Yogurt is high in calcium and researchers have found that some women have lower blood levels of calcium around the time of ovulation, and adding calcium can make a big difference when dealing with PMS symptoms related to mood and bloating. I like to add lot of almonds to my parfait which are both rich in calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. Make sure to load your parfait with fresh fruits and berries which will add extra sweetness along with all kinds of nutrients and vitamins. Here’s a tip, add some dark chocolate chips for the chocolaty satisfaction we all crave during PMS. For a complete list of foods high in calcium visit’s “Top 10 foods highest in Calcium”.  Also visit’s “Top 10 foods highest in Calcium”.


The best news is that you can still have that bar of chocolate, just make sure you are substituting for dark chocolate which is high in magnesium which helps with mood changes. My favorite Trader Joe’s Swiss Dark Chocolate with hazelnuts, also includes vitamin B-6 rich hazelnuts, so you get more pms friendly nutrients for your buck!



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